About DMI International Import Export Operations
Indra and Sons is the flagship company within the DMI International Group tasked with handling manufacturing and export of many varieties of manufactured goods and commodities produced here in Thailand and from within the Asia Pacific region.
With decades of accumulated experience and acumen, we have built up strong relationships and working partnerships with major producers and suppliers for many different products. With our own office here in the Kingdom of Thailand and associate offices strategically situated in Indonesia, Malaysia and China we are well placed to supply products and commodities from virtually any part of Asia.
For you the importer who is thousands of miles away from Asia, you need a reliable partner to assist you with procurement of your products. At DMI, we build relationships and partnerships that last generations. We are the partner you need in Asia where reliability, integrity and quality is always assured.
We invite you now to visit our website and study our product profile in detail. We also look forward to your inquiries and to working with you in time to come.